Online Makeovers Directory

Online Makeovers Directory


A fiscal opportunity for businesses that have an association with either the Dating, Career and/or Makeover industries, to advertise their goods and services beneath the marketing umbrella of the respected ‘Online Trade Directory.’


The benefit of advertising your goods & services in our Directory is always that we concentrate our marketing on attracting the interest of the niche consumer base - those seeking either a Dating or Career Makeover.


The difference with our website from others is it is attached to an internet site that sells ‘Virtual Makeover Services’, and isn't just a stand-alone link factory! The reason why we've made a parallel listing website is really we could also direct visitors to ‘In-person Makeover Service Providers’ if your virtual services you can expect unhealthy their needs. Our hope is that each website cross-pollinates consumer interest with the other.



- Registration takes two minutes

- Helps get the business available on search engines like google, like Google, Yahoo and Bing

- 1000’s of recent visitors monthly; and growing exponentially

- Manage business information

- Add opening times & photos

- Post discounts & live updates

- Own search engine friendly URL (a very important backlink to your own website)

- Homepage advertising option

- Listing price starts of them costing only $1 for Twelve months!


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